1-EARTH: Santa Maria del Popolo

2-AIR: St. Peter's Square

3-FIRE: Santa Maria della Vittoria

4-WATER: Piazza Navona

5-Lair: Castel Sant' Angelo

6-Passage: The Passetto

7-Conclave: Sistine Chapel

8-Tomb: St. Peter's Basilica

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24 Hour: Vatican City Webcam


Great locations you should see when taking a tour in Rome

Rome, as an important historic and famous city, has significant tourist attractions particularly for those who enjoy the most exquisite art and gastronomy. You will discover an intoxicating mixture of legendary monuments, impressive edifications and a vibrant street life that make this town one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.

An impressive city filled with artistic treasures

The cityscape of Rome, which is the result of 3000 years of improvement, is without a doubt a wonderful spectacle. The ancient icons recall the past of the Italian capital as the fearsome axis of a powerful Empire, while the catacombs and clandestine churches evoke the dawn of Christendom.

Standing proudly on the Vatican, the basilica of St. Peter is the most impressive edification of the city, considered by connoisseurs as a unique Renaissance masterpiece. On the other hand, the colorful squares and the ornamented churches add a baroque touch to the streets of Rome.

An edification that stands out for its impressive features is the Pantheon of Agrippa. It is the oldest temple of Rome and was built by the Emperor Hadrian around the year 130 AD. This structure contains the tombs of several Italian kings and figures as well as various pieces of art.

The remains of the famous painter and architect Rafael rest in this edification. The Pantheon is illuminated in sunlight through a large oculus that is located in the dome allowing the passage of light.

Enjoy a unique life experience in one of the most incredible capitals

A trip to Rome not only implies immersing in the cultural and artistic richness of the region. This city invites you to live the dolce vita and stroll idly for its picturesque streets. Spending some relaxing time in the cafes and enjoying the beautiful squares is an integral part of the experience.

The pulse of the city is accelerated as the cafes receive the most elegant diners who gather to enjoy an aperitif. Then, the noisy crowd of the restaurants heads to the bars and nightclubs of the city.

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